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Your Acne Seriously Affects How You Look at Yourself

According to a research done by the American Academy of Dermatology, there are more than 20 million teenagers suffering from acne in the United States alone, and 10% say it is the worst thing about being a teenager. The AAD even has two pictures graphically depicting this depressing agony (see http://www.aad.org/P_Frameset.html.)

The picture that shows the "Percentages of teens who would rather not date someone with acne" reflects a grim reality:

                     Boys 12-14:  55%
                     Boys 15-17:  62%
                     Girls 12-14:  50%
                     Girls 15-17:  52%

The pimpled teenagers may have suspected this, but now they have the statistics to back up their suspicions. No wonder it's been a bit tough lately to get a date.

Whether you know it or not, acne has a profound impact upon the mental state of those who are affected by it. Teens may get more attention, but adults suffer as well. Having difficulty getting a date is of course a devastating matter. But it's more than this. Much more.

Those of us who are affected by acne for any given period of time would have experienced the agony and mental torture of a simple date: You look, check, examine every little spot of your face in front of the mirror. You make the best use of your hair, clips, ear-rings, collar, scarf, even eye glasses to hide some spots. You figure you'd turn your head slightly to the left when you talk and your date would not notice the big pimple on the other cheek. Your hand keep resting on your cheek unintentionally while you talk, so much so you start to notice that your date picks up on your peculiar movement. You hope she won't notice your pimples but you know she will. The last insult comes when your date looks you right in the face as if the pimples are not there. They are there! They are there! How you wish you were just like your normal friends! You would exchange five years of your life just for a fine, clean face.

Other than the experience of hellish dates, we sometimes are so depressed and void of all our confidence we simply do not show up, not only for dates, but also for social gatherings, classes, job interviews, work...Acne really has our nose held! It dominates and wrecks our lives. I've had important meetings postponed because I couldn't bear to bring my pimpled face in front of my clients. I believe this mental agitation and self-consciousness is beyond the understanding of a normal person.     

Yes, acne can have a profound effect upon the self-image and confidence of the sufferer, so much so it could lead to behavioral problems, academic decline, social isolation, substance abuse, depression, even suicide. Teenagers are more vulnerable in this respect because both acne and depressive disorder have a peak incidence during adolescence. (see Dr. M.A. Gupta,  "Psychological Effects of Acne." )

I think most parents, teachers, peers, and doctors have little understanding of the mental delicacy and self-consciousness of acne sufferers. A better understanding is always helpful and beneficial to all parties. On the other hand, the reality is also always less unbearable than what acne sufferers project it to be. People are never nearly as interested in our face as we are ourselves, or as we think they do. Realizing this may help reduce our agitation a bit. Of course, the final savior comes when our face is all cleared up. This will happen naturally to most acne sufferers, sooner or later. However, if you want it to be sooner, I am here to help. Have a look at the sections Conventional Western Treatments and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Then pay a visit to your doctor. Sometimes, your doctor may be able to help, particularly if you have more understanding of the subject. If you have tried them all and found that nothing works for you still, then check out An Alternative Approach that Works for Me & Thousands Others. I've found my savior there. Hope you do, too.

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